DJ 101: How To Get On (Hint: It’s Not Just Calling Yourself a DJ)

Nowadays with so many so-called DJs out there angling for gigs and trying to get on, how do you get noticed or get your foot in the door? I’ve never been one to hob nob or blow smoke up a club … [Read more...]

Why Cut-Rate DJs Suck For Everybody

Not that everything was perfect back in the day, but there’s been a lot more undercutting going on in this business since the birth of digital music. I was recently undercut for a gig. I guess I … [Read more...]

DJ Life: Dodging and Ducking the Janky Promoters

You haven’t paid your dues in the game until you’ve had you've dealt with janky promoters. It isn’t just the new kids they prey on. They come at all levels of the game, no matter where you’re at in … [Read more...]

The Working Class DJ’s Survival Kit

He's been rockin' crowds and moving asses for more than 20 years, and Danny Clavesilla has learned through trial and error about the absolute necessities every DJ needs in their gig bag. Let him break … [Read more...]

Know Your Role: The Headliner

Everyone wants to be a headliner. Why not? They get paid the most, everyone is there for you, your face is plastered on flyers and ads, your name coming through the speakers in radio spots. It’s a … [Read more...]

Know Your Role: The Challenges & Perks of Being the Opening DJ

While every aspiring DJ dreams of being that headlining guy (or girl) in the big room, no one really thinks about, or realizes, how cool it is to play the opening slot. Don't get me wrong, it is great … [Read more...]

Know Your Role: What Is a DJ?

As much as DJOYbeat's DJ Tech section is about the tech, it's also about what it takes to use all that equipment in a professional, standup kinda way. So to kick things off, we've got a true OG, DJ … [Read more...]